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#R2PWeekly: 11-15 November


This week in focus:

Accountability for Atrocities for Burma

On Monday, The Gambia filed a case against Burma at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), alleging that the state violated its obligation under the Prevention of Genocide Convention. The actions against the Rohingya population have largely been considered genocidal based on multiple sources of inquiry and analysis conducted, notably the UN-Commissioned Independent International Fact Finding Mission (FFM) on Myanmar. It is on these grounds, The Gambia, on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation of Islamic, argues that Burma failed in its responsibility to prevent and punish genocidal acts. The culture of impunity around the Burmese Military, also known as the Tatmadaw, continues despite international pressure and outcry for the campaign carried out against the Rohingya people in August 2017, and is part of the motivation of the Gambian government, whose Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubaccar M. Tambadou, said, “it is a shame for our generation that we do nothing while genocide is unfolding right under our own eyes.”

A Q&A Factsheet that addresses the ICJ case can be found here.

In addition to the measures filed by the Gambian Ministry of Justice, on Thursday, 14 November, the International Criminal Court (ICC) Pre-Trial Chamber III authorized the office of the Prosecutor to open an investigation into “the Situation in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh/Republic of the Union of Myanmar.” Though Burma is not party to the ICC, last year the Court ruled that it had jurisdiction over the alleged widespread and systematic crimes against the Rohingya could amount to crimes against humanity of deportation. With this decision, the Prosecutor will now be able to begin collecting evidence to establish criminal responsibility in the situation, which may take “as long as needed,” before issuing arrest warrants should sufficient evidence be found. The ICC must rely on States Party to the Rome Statute to uphold their legal obligations and cooperate with the Court in the investigation in order to ensure the accountability measures are used to their fullest extent.

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Photo via The Gambia Ministry of Justice

What to Watch:

Gaza: Islamic Jihad offers Israel truce as Gaza toll hits 26 (Rueters)
This week tensions in Gaza and Israel peaked, resulting in violence after Israeli forces killed an Islamic Jihad senior commissioner. In addition to attacks reaching as far as Tel Aviv, Israel launched several rockets into Gaza, resulting in the most civilian casualties since the war between Israel and Hamas in 2014. A ceasefire, announced Thursday morning, appeared to be holding at the time of writing.

Iraq: Security Forces Attack Medics Treating Protesters (Human Rights Watch)
Human Rights Watch reports that Iraqi security forces are targeting medical personnel providing services to injured protesters, violating international humanitarian law.

Venezuela: ‘Harmonized’ plan launched to support millions of Venezuelan refugees and migrants (UN News)
UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and the International Organization on Migration (IOM) launched a joint initiative to address the displacement resulting from the instability in Venezuela. The initiative aims to promote the peaceful integration of refugee populations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, assisting hosting states and communities with legal protect, social service support including health and education, as well as economic development.

Rohingya  refugees  exhausted  streaming  off  boats  arriving

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#RtoPWeekly: 13-17 May

This week in focus:
Gender & Genocide and the Protection of Civilians

Working with the Global Justice Center, the ICRtoP will convene a panel discussion next Wednesday, 22 May, entitled “Gender and Genocide: Engendering analysis for better prevention, accountability, and protection,” as a side event to the UN Security Council Debate on the Protection of Civilians in Conflict.

The event looks to expand upon the Global Justice Center’s white paper, Beyond Killing: Gender, Genocide, and Obligations under International Law, released in December 2018, focusing on the unique ways women experience and are affected by genocidal violence. By bringing together experts from civil society, academia, and law, the discussion aims to raise awareness around the need for the inclusion of a gendered analysis to illuminate the multi-dimensional nature of atrocity crimes to prevent their occurrence, as a lack of gender-specificity in legal frameworks prevents the international community from effectively preventing and punishing atrocity crimes.

Full information on the event can be found here.

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What to Watch:

Sudan: Sudan Talks Collapse Amid Clashes in Khartoum (New York Times)
Talks and negotiations over a transitional government in Sudan stalled on 16 May, in spite of earlier reports that both parties had agreed to a three-year transitional period. The situation deteriorated amidst the negotiations as state forced fired against protestors in an attempt to clear checkpoints in the city. Dialogues between military and civilian leaders in the days preceding seemed to be progressing, albeit slowly, over several rounds of negotiations and ongoing violence between security forces and protesters. Notably, prosecutors officially charged former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for “inciting and participating in” the killing of protesters in the mass demonstrations that led to the end of his regime last month.

But Also Don’t Miss:

Burma: UN Fact-Finding Mission Recommends Suspension of International Dealings with Myanmar’s Military
The head of the UN Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar urges the international community to end its support of the military following a tour of the country, citing a lack of accountability for actions against the Rohingya.

Cameroon: Hope for western Cameroon as Biya finally talks peace
After several high-profile events, President Biya is reportedly organizing a dialogue to address the conflict in the Anglophone regions.

Health Care in Conflict: Impunity Remains: 2018 Attacks on Health Care in 23 Countries in Conflict
The report notes increasing attacks on humanitarian workers and services in addition to providing recommendations for the UN, states, and other parties to a conflict.

Syria: Inside Syria’s Secret Torture Prisons: How Bashar al-Assad Crushed Dissent
The New York Times published an expose on detainment conditions under the Assad regime including details on torture and enforced disappearances.

Venezuela: Hunger for Justice: Crimes Against Humanity in Venezuela
Amnesty International’s new report on rights abuses under Nicolas Maduro’s regime documents systematic and widespread violations that may amount to crimes against humanity.

Venezuela: Venezuela peace talks taking place in Oslo: Norwegian media
Peace talks are reportedly taking place in Oslo, Norway between representatives of both Nicolas Maduro and Juan Guaido.

Yemen: Houthi withdrawal from Yemen ports going according to plan: UN
UN officials report the withdrawal of Houthi forces from Hodeidah is “going to plan.”

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