RtoP Weekly: 3 – 7 December 2018


This week in focus:
The 70th Anniversaries of the Genocide Convention

On 9 December, the international community will mark the 70th anniversary of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment for the Crime of Genocide (the “Genocide Convention”). In honor of this historic event, the Permanent Missions of Costa Rica, Denmark, and Switzerland, as well as the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect in Geneva and the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect, will host a panel discussion entitled “Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Genocide Convention: Challenges, good practices, and ways forward in prevention,” on Friday, 14 December in Geneva, Switzerland.

Seventy years after the international community ratified this landmark document, human rights violations and atrocities continue to occur in spite of the historic calls of “never again.” Yet much can still be done to prevent these crimes. In this vein, the event aims to share stories of success and best practices to mitigate these threats and create sustainable peace. In order to better protect populations and uphold the obligations States and the international community have under the Responsibility to Protect, it  requires strong and capable national policies, the use of existing global mechanisms, and multilateral collaboration. Next week’s event hopes to provide a variety of stakeholders with an opportunity to reflect on the future implementation of the Genocide Convention at all levels.

For those interested in joining the event in Geneva, the full event invitation can be found here, or your RSVP can be submitted directly via this link.

**Please note that this will be the last RtoPWeekly in 2018. We will resume publication in the new year. Happy holidays to all those celebrating from the ICRtoP Secretariat team!**

What to Watch:

Syria: A vision from Syrian civil society organizations about the General Principles of the Rebuilding process of Syria (Syrian Network for Human Rights)
A group of civil society organizations released a statement, including Coalition Member the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR), specifying their vision of the reconstruction process in Syria. In the statement, the organizations expressed their concern over the use of the international aid, as it could potentially be used by the coalition of Russia, Iran, and Assad’s government as political, focusing aid deliverance solely in those areas they considered. The CSOs argue, that if this were to happen, the international community would, in essence, be rewarding war criminals. In this vein, the authors propose alternatives to ensure the appropriate use of funds, stressing that democracy is a crucial condition for a successful rebuilding process, and identify several principles which are necessary under human rights and international law such as victim compensation, transparency, democracy, and full and localized participation by civil society.

Syria: 231 Civilians Killed in Syria in November 2018 (Syrian Network for Human Rights; Middle East Monitor)
SNHR, released its monthly reports, documenting 231 civilian deaths in November 2018: 72 by regime forces, and 79 in air attacks by the international coalition. In other findings, the organization recorded 529 cases of arbitrary arrest, with 70 percent made by regime forces. The severity of human rights abuses and evidence of war crimes has not gone unnoticed, with Stephen Rapp, Chairman of the Commission for International Justice and Accountability (CIJA), noting that the evidence of war crimes committed by the Syrian government is the strongest collected since the Nuremberg trials.

Yemen: Yemen talks set to start in Sweden after wounded Houthis evacuated (Reuters; CNN; CBC News)
Yemen’s Houthis agreed to attend UN-sponsored peace talks in Sweden after the Saudi-led coalition approved the medical evacuation of their wounded members. UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths arrived in Sana’a, Yemen to escort the delegation to the talks in Stockholm. Many see the peace talks as “the most significant step” toward reaching a solution to end the conflict. Negotiations come after growing international pressure for an end to the war as the humanitarian situation continues deteriorates. At the negotiations, Griffiths will seek to secure a truce in the country’s main port, Hodeidah, ending the air strikes that have killed thousands of civilians to date, though the warring parties are reportedly still far from agreement at the time of writing.

But Also Don’t Miss:

Burma: The Kachin IDP crisis: Myanmar’s other humanitarian disaster
A Burmese military division is now reportedly targeting the Kachin minority in the Kachin State, leading to large numbers of IDPs. The same unit previously carried out the crimes against the Rohingya.

Burma: ‘Genocide’ Evidence in Case of Myanmar’s Rohingya Growing
The US Holocaust Museum found evidence that genocide was committed against the Rohingya in Burma and urges for accountability.

Burundi: Burundi orders UN to close Human Rights office in Bujumbura
After high levels of criticism over its human rights situation, Burundi has ordered the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to close its Bujumbura office within two months.

Cameroon: Peace Operations: International Manual Presented in Yaounde
The Leuven Manual on the International Law Applicable to Peacekeeping Operations, focusing on legal obligations and best practices at the UN and regional levels, was dedicated in Yaounde.

GAAMAC: The Importance of Atrocity Prevention [Video]
During GAAMACIII participants discussed what atrocity prevention is and how it can be achieved.

South Sudan: UN Says More Than 150 Women, Girls Raped in South Sudan
Over 150 cases of rape and sexual violence occurred over the past week near Bentiu. The heads of UNICEF, UNFPA, and the USG for Humanitarian Affairs issued a joint-statement urging accountability for those carrying out the attacks.

Sudan: UN Women’s Org. hosts North Darfur peacebuilding workshop
UN Women conducted a workshop at a Darfurian IDP camp in Sudan on strengthening women’s involvement in peace building.


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