Weekly Round-Up: August 8-12

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Today, Al Jazeera reported that 17 people have been killed across the country as Bashar al-Assad’s security forces fired on protestors after Friday prayers.

In response to the violence last week in Hama, and as Syrian security forces continued taking military action against protesters across the country, international pressure on the regime ratcheted up over the course of the week.

Today, US Secretary of State urged those countries that still support the Assad regime to “get on the right side of history.” The United States and the European Union also reinforced economic sanctions against the Assad regime.

Gulf States also broke their silence over the regime’s crackdown and joined efforts to isolate Assad, as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain all recalled their diplomatic envoys from Syria.

Diplomatic envoys have also been dispatched over the course of the week: Turkey sent its Foreign Minister to Damascus to pressure the regime to cease targeting civilians and undertake its promised reforms, while the IBSA bloc – India, Brazil, and South Africa – dispatched envoys to engage the Assad regime as well.

The increased international pressure comes on the heels of a Presidential Statement by the UN Security Council in response to the ongoing situation in the country.

Libyan rebels continued their push towards Tripoli, while the United States and the European Union ratcheted up pressure on African countries to urge them to cease supporting the Gaddafi regime. NATO also responded to claims that an airstrike had killed civilians, stating that such a claim was corroborated by any factual evidence.

The UN is reporting the UNAMID peacekeepers are increasingly coming under attack in Darfur, particularly after an ambush where one Sierra Leonean peacekeeper was killed last week. The Security Council issued a resolution this week urging the end to impunity for those that attack the UN-AU force, calling on the cooperation of the Sudanese Government

Cote D’Ivoire
The UN has reported that hundreds of human rights abuses have been committed in Cote D’Ivoire in the past month, including a number of extrajudicial killings, as the recovers from the conflict that erupted after Laurent Gbagbo’s efforts to stay in power.

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