The Weekly Round-Up: July 25-29

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Darfur: UNAMID officials reported Thursday that Sudanese military aircraft carried out airstrikes in Darfur.

Abyei: Close to 500 UN peacekeepers moved into the disputed border region of Abyei, which lies between Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan. Amidst this, the Sudanese Army is refusing to fully withdraw from contested region until the full contingent of Ethiopian peacekeepers were in place. UNISFA – the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei – was established last month by the Security Council.

Southern Kordofan: The ICC-indicted Governor of Southern Kordofan, Ahmad Haroun, dispelled reports of crimes against humanity in the region, while just a day later the Government of Sudan admitted to transporting corpses by truck in Kagudli, Southern Kordofan.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has indicated it will not release the much-discussed UNMIS report (that includes reports of aerial bombardments, summary executions, and the discovery of mass graves, and does not shine a favourable light on UN peacekeepers) until early August.

A Sudanese government spokesman called remarks made by Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN, on the situation in Southern Kordofan “baseless”, and outright refused the Ambassador’s calls for a UN presence in the region. Human Rights Watch has called for international monitors in Southern Kordofan, and pressed the UN Security Council for an immediate end to attacks against civilians.

Amid statements made last week by France and the UK that Muammar Gaddafi could remain in Libya if he relinquished power, the International Criminal Court responded by stating that, “Any negotiation or deal has to respect (UN Security Council resolution) 1970 and the ICC’s decision.” The Court stated that any new government in Libya would be obliged to arrest the Libya leader under the warrants it issued on June 27.

The commander of the Libyan rebel forces, Gen. Abdul Fatah Younis, was assassinated in Benghazi on Thursday. Reports suggest the circumstances around the assassination are still “extremely murky”.

Deadly border clashes erupted in northern Kosovo when nearly 200 armed Serbians stormed police outposts in response to Kosovar police forces moving into ethnically-Serbian dominated territory on Monday. NATO, the UN and the EU have issued deep concern over the incidents.

South Sudan
On Thursday, the African Union (AU) admitted the Republic of South Sudan as its 54th Member.

UN agencies held a two day public seminar on genocide prevention in Juba this week, bringing together key stakeholders from the South Sudan’s government and civil society to create awareness and ensure the prevention of outbreaks of genocide and mass atrocity in the new state.

ICRtoP released its newest publication on Tuesday entitled “Voices from Civil Society”.  The publication features 25  civil society groups from Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe and the Americas, including many ICRtoP members and close partners, highlighting aspects of their current programs which relate to RtoP.

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