The Weekly Round-Up: July 11-15

Your top stories from the world of #RtoP, #MAPrev, and #CivPro (Yep, we’re on Twitter).@ The UN
The General Assembly held its third-annual informal interactive dialogue on RtoP on 12 July to discuss the role of regional and sub-regional organizations. ICRtoP delivered remarks at the dialogue, given by Nana Afadzinu, Executive Director of the West African Civil Society Institute.

South Sudan became the 193rd Member of the United Nations after successfully gaining independence from the North on 9 July.

In Southern Kordofan, reports emerge of bombing campaigns against civilians waged by the GoS , with mass graves discovered.  Amidst this, Khartoum has threatened NGOs with explusion from the Kordofan and Darfur provinces.

While the rebels pushed west towards Tripoli, Human Rights Watch expressed concern over reports that they had abused civilians, and reminded them of their duty to protect them.

As the Security Council-sanctioned military operation continued in Libya, reports emerged earlier in the week that the French government had established contact with the Gaddafi regime, and that the leader was prepared to leave the country. This precedes the high-level international diplomatic meeting to discuss a political solution to the conflict that will be held in Turkey today.

Mass protests continued across Syria on Friday, with Reuters reporting that 20  protesters were killed by Syrian security forces.

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